What is the Gospel?
            The word Gospel means “Good News”. The Gospel is good news because God has an answer for your greatest problem. Like everyone else who has ever lived, you are guilty of sin. Being guilt of sin doesn’t mean that you are a horrible person or that there isn’t any good in you. Actually, there is a lot of good in you. There are people in your life that you love, there are sacrifices you’ve made for the benefit of others and people you’ve helped along the way. But, like everyone else who has ever lived, you are not perfect. We are all born with a spiritual condition in our hearts that leads us to be jealous, angry, greedy, spiteful, prideful, less than honest, lacking self-control etc... This condition and the actions that spring from it are called sin.

            God judges sin – yours, mine, all of it. God judges sin because His just and loving character prevents Him from just ignoring sin or sweeping it under the carpet. While this might be hard to accept, there is a part of us that understands it needs to be so. What would we think of a judge who dismissed every guilty person who ever stood in front of him? We wouldn’t think much of him, would we? Instead of thinking that He was very fair and kind, we would think he was incredibly unfair and unjust.   So it is with God. He looks upon all of our lives and our sin and He holds us in judgment.

            Unfortunately, we have yet to hear the full extent of the bad news. God’s judgment comes in the form of eternal punishment and separation from Him. This is called hell. But what about all the good stuff we did? Doesn’t that count for something? Consider the man standing in front of a judge who is guilty of a murder charge. He tells the judge that he started an orphanage, volunteered at the local mission, and coached a Special Olympics Team. While all of those wonderful things are true of the man, none of them erase the fact that the man is still guilty of murder. The same is true for us. No matter how “good” we are, no matter how many things we have done, none of them take away the guilt of the sin we have committed.


            So, here’s the Good News... God has come to our world with an answer to the problem of our sin. The Gospel is the Good News that by His grace God has, is and will save you from your sin through Jesus Christ.


How God Has Saved Me: 

            2000 years ago God came into our world in the person of Jesus Christ. He lived a perfect life and died on the cross as a sacrificial substitute. By that we mean Jesus saved us from the penalty of sin. He took our guilt upon Him when he died and exchanged it for His perfect record. Now, when God looks upon you – He does not see any of your sin – only perfection. It is just as if you had never even sinned once!   The judgment that was upon you has been lifted. All of this amazing forgiveness happens when we believe in Jesus as God’s Son and our sin Savior.


How God Is Saving Me:

             Even though Jesus died on the cross 2000 years ago God continues to work in our lives in the present day. When we believe in Jesus, His Spirit moves into us, gives us a new condition of the heart and saves us from the power of sin in our lives. The Spirit comes into our lives and gives us a new condition teaches, instructs, encourages, and convicts us so that we become more and more like God. This does not mean we that become perfect people, but it does mean that we change. Instead of living for ourselves, we make living for Jesus our first priority. Our lives begin to demonstrate in greater measure things like: love, peace, patience, kindness and joy.


How God Will Save Me:

            God’s story for you continues with the promise of eternal life. Just as Jesus was resurrected from the dead, you are promised that if you believe in Him, you will also be raised to life with God forever. This is called heaven. It is beyond all of our dreams and imagination. It can be your home for all and is open to all who come to God in faith rather than trusting on our own goodness.


 How Do I Respond?

1) Do you understand the Gospel message? If not, who can you ask to help explain it to you?  Please feel free to contact our church or email or pastor!


2) Is there any reason for you not to come to Jesus in faith today? If not, why is that?


3) Who do you need to share the Gospel message with?